How the Fabric Gallery Works

🌟 look through the pictures
🌟 locate your favourite fabric (check print size by looking at the ruler pic also)
🌟 read the provided information
🌟 then contact regarding which of my designs you’d like the fabric in

Once in contact I can provide more information as required, timeframes and costs.
Keep in mind, if the heading is FIRST IN BEST DRESSED very little fabric is available (enough for one garment usually), A LITTLE TIME TO DAZZLE means you have a little more time to consider before it’s gone and LOTS OF PIZAZZ means I’ve quite a bit of fabric so don’t panic!

This is not a fabric buying store! I have set the gallery up in response to the Covid-19 crisis and all your lovely messages about how to see what fabrics I have to choose from.
NOTE: Linens and corduroys are extremely difficult to photograph and all fabric images are meant as a guide to the fabric colours etc. I’m happy to discuss these aspects further before purchasing.