Hi I'm Kathy

A great friend gave me a fabulous pin jar for Xmas three years ago and it inspired me to get back into sewing. I made her daughter (my god-daughter) a skirt and the feedback and orders started to flow from there. It inspired me to try my hand at marketing which I started small-scale with one suitcase full of kid’s clothes. I then made my daughter a skirt out of map material and before I knew it orders were flowing! I haven’t looked back, and what was once a hobby has now become a proper business this year - Meta Design Co was born.

I am very much about simple patterns but quirky or interesting material – not too over the top but different to what you find in store. I also try to cater to a variety of sizes and body shapes. I often horde material until the right pattern comes to mind or sometimes the material inspires the pattern.  I work predominantly with cotton and avoid synthetics and I love Japanese and African fabrics; the patterns and colours are awesome. My work is small scale, with only me cutting, sewing and finishing (well my daughter does help with finishing sometimes!). Slow hand-made clothing over fast fashion is my ethos – we need to treat the world kindly for both ourselves and future generations.

You can find me (and my daughter/assistant) at various markets around Brisbane. For details on where we will be please follow us on Instagram or use our contact page and we will keep you up to date.